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"Among the artists rising up from the fertile twang-fields of Northwest Arkansas, Dylan Earl might just make the music that goes down smoothest...On I Saw the Arkansas, he’s got road-weary ramblers, raucous honky-tonkers, stone-washed Southern soul, and timeless tear-in-my-beer ballads, all done with impressive nuance and attention to detail." - Bandcamp Daily

"I Saw the Arkansas offers more in the way of atmosphere than definitive statements, as Earl establishes a signature sound defined by his remarkable voice and his band’s easy chemistry. Pedal steel guitar and swelling piano rolls combine compellingly with his rich, deep baritone." - Deborah Crooks, Holler Country

"The nine-track release - containing much melancholy - takes a classic country sound and Dylan’s baritone voice, and matches them with modern lyrics and sentiments. As someone who has heard the previous releases, this reviewer had expectations for the new album, which were met - and more. Dylan’s old-school country voice is on point from the first note." - Claire Stones, PNC Magazine

On Dylan Earl‘s third full-length album, “I Saw the Arkansas,”. . . he further hones the very convincing loner country-boy schtick and image he’s been cultivating ever since he left Swampbird. His signature croon — hushed and sleepy and stretching for the lowest and saddest notes — drifts over spare upright piano flourishes and unhurried pedal steel like someone slowly driving a truck through open landscapes, cursed by wanderlust. Standout tracks include “White Painted Trees” and “Buddy.” - Daniel Greer, Arkansas Times

Now that you've found me...

I’m from where I woke up this morning. I write the songs that come to mind and struggle with the ones that don’t. I find humor in misconceptions and solace in laughter, love in the street and fire in the eyes of the marginalized. I prefer facts over alternate facts. I’m here to shoot you straight, although sometimes I fire from the hip. 

I was born a Cajun in Lake Charles, Louisiana at the end of the 1980s. When I was a boy, I was naturalized by the Natural State, then became a man. I plan to die in Arkansas. I dream of the raven riding thermals along the cliffs of the Ouachita. I’m blessed by the monks of Subiaco and silent with it’s hills. Sometimes my boots are tugged by the Calcasieu mud. A cold beer goes further than you think; “don’t give me two unless you’ve got 12 more” my buddy always says. I used to ride the levee at night and shoot at the moon. I used to run with the boys in Logan County, that’s also in Arkansas. I used to hold my breath in church until I saw stars just to see if Jesus would come down off that cross and save me. I used to hide from my brother, now I just hide from the cops. The sound of a dog drinking water is my favorite sound. I’ve never written all the songs I wish I had, but I’ve got 3 albums you can find on me or the internet. I used to be in a band called Keyless Gentry…we did one show. I spent all my 20s sweating on guitars, I hope to do it all my 30s. I spend most of my time behind a wheel, getting to you. 

Growing up, my mom played all her country tapes in our ’89 econoline. I love those songs almost as much as our memories. 

It was my mother 
Who first took me to the country 
I’m indebted to her 
Not only in Love 
But also in Time 

Say no to fascism